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Here you'll find our recommendations for all the products and services designed to help you go from pain to peace - to heal your mind, body and emotions - your way.  Click on any of the products and you'll be taken through to Amazon UK.  You won't be charged any more than is listed but BewleyTherapy will earn a very small commission on your purchase which helps to keep us in business.   

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Know what counselling to go for that's right for you

Aroma Oils

Organic Aromatherapy

Essential Oil 50ml



Know what it is, and how to help yourself through it

ancient wisdom aromatherapy wax candles.

Aroma Candles

Aromatherapy scented candles.  Perfect for lifting the senses



Find out what it's about and how to handle it

Aroma Sticks

Exotic natural aroma

Delightful for any room

opening soon 2.png
higher nature vitamin d3.jpg

Immune Support

The Sunshine vitamin - helps support your immune system

vit b complex higher nature.jpg

Great Nerves

Nerves are important to your well-being - B Vitamins help

co enzyme q10.jpg

Helps your heart

Helps heart, skin and fertility.

Eases diabetes and cancer.

bt pumpkin seed butter.jpg

Better than butter

Be healthy - use an alternative to dairy butter

higher nature vitamin c.jpg

Immune Support

Blackberry & Bilberry a powerful combination of antioxidants

bt flax seed oil.jpg

Digestive System

Help your digestion

and look forward to food

bt cs.jpg


For healing cuts, grazes, ulcers and sore throats

bt chia seeds.jpg


Help build your energy levels by sprinkling over your dinner

higher nature magnesium.jpg

Boosts Relaxation

Natural magnesium from the sea reduces tiredness & fatigue


Offers protection

A powerful antioxidant in the major organs

bt omega 3.jpg


Oil those joints

and ease the pain


Better than eggs

High in protein, high in fibre.

Good for the gut


Individual Counselling & Mentoring

What you can expect
You can have a 1-2-1 video conference with Kaye Bewley, during which you can ask any emotional or mental health related questions and concerns you have.
Kaye Bewley will work with you to create your own personal plans and assist you in discovering a new way through the issues you face or the achievements you wish to make. 
Kaye will first determine the background of your health issues based on the information you give in your first appointment which is online and FREE.  During each of the following appointments (either online or face-toface, you will be given the necessary tools to get through the issues you may be facing.

How it works

Once you schedule your introductory consultation with Kaye Bewley you’ll receive an email with the URL link to join your meeting.  Click on the link and install Skype or Zoom on your device.  

When you click the invite link to join your meeting the app automatically launches and you will find yourself in a virtual chat room with Kaye Bewley.  You are free to record your own video conference so that you review your consultation later if you wish.  

If you prefer to have a face-to-face meeting with Kaye Bewley, that can be arranged.  We'll agree a time and place, local to you, where we can meet for your consultation.

Group Mentoring & Workshops

What you can expect
You can book a group counselling workshop with Kaye Bewley, during which you can focus on any particular issue your group would like to deal with.  Kaye Bewley will work with your group to assist you in discovering the amazing potential of your mind, body and emotions.  First, she will take your group through some simple structured questions, which you don't have to discuss with anyone, then she will create a workshop which focuses on the issues your group would like to explore.  

How it works

Once your group nominates a co-ordinator and schedules the session with Kaye Bewley, you’ll receive an email with the confirmation details.  As the group sessions will be recorded and made available to you, you will not be permitted to record the workshops.  We'll organise a time and place, local to you, where we can meet for your Workshop.

Fees for Counselling Appointments

The first counselling session with BewleyTherapy is free and is up to half an hour. 

Each following appointment can be between one-hour to 90 minutes. 

Introductory Online Appointment: Free (30 minutes)


Individual Online Appointments

£50 for first 30 minutes

£30 for every 30 minutes after that. 

(Example: 60 minutes = £80)

Individual Face-2-Face Appointments

£50 = 30 minutes

(Example = 60 minutes = £100)

BewleyTherapy aims to help you in about 4 to 6 sessions. 

*We have a number of payment options listed on our Book Now page.

Group Sessions and Workshops 

We present a number of different workshops, which vary in price. 

Please ask for details.

Note: Terms & Conditios link below will take you to our site where you can see how we adhere to the Data Protection Act.  Your details are secure and safely stored until no longer required.  Should you wish, please read the T&C.



pay yourself

You can choose to pay for the therapy you need with us with your credit card or via bank transfer.


You can choose to set-up a payment plan direct to us in regular interest-free installments


Our therapy is linked to several leading insurance companies.  You could be covered by your insurer.  Ask us for details.


We know these are hard times, and want to help in any way that we can.  Please feel free to make a donation for as much or as little as you are able. 

See below


Two charities support BewleyTherapy.  

The Red Poppy Company

& PTSDResolution.  Book your session through them and you won't need to pay.