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Founder of natural wellbeing service BewleyTherapy, Kaye Bewley, shares her platform with like-minded therapists.

2020 has been one of the most difficult years, and Kaye is looking to enlist your help to help others heal their fear, ease their anxiety and lift their depression.

You will know that many people have reported they cannot sleep, they wake up tired and spend the day in fear, worried for the future.

Kaye hopes to reach these people, to show them that help is close at hand and that it is easier to reach for that help than they think.


Write a short article, around 500-1000 words about the service you provide, to help make it clear to people, focus on one aspect of your service.

Make it personal - you can say 'I', 'my' and 'mine', and bring aspects about your working day into the article.

Steer away from psycho-babble.  We want to make it clear and concise so that anyone can understand how you can help them.

What we would also need is a short 200 word paragraph about your service with links to website and social media - together with your qualifications.  

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The time to share your Practice is now!

Don't miss your chance to promote your practice to those who need it right now.

Inspire other therapists, demonstrate your knowledge to doctors, reach potential clients.

This isn't a normal 'advertising' package.  Instead, this is a chance for you to personally get in touch with those who need your help right now.

There are a limited number of spaces in each issue, therefore, should you like to promote your service to those who need it, get in touch with us now.


Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  You pay nothing - but you get a whole lot of promotion.

Our network of professionals is big and growing.  Currently, BewleyBooks has over 11,000 followers on LinkedIn and a huge list of newsletter subscribers who are eager for your news. 

Your article will be emailed to over 20,000 people across the UK and will be sent to the US, Canada and Australia too.

Therefore, in this day of providing online consultations, you'll be able to reach the world.

Interested?  Sign-up below, and tell Kaye what you would like to write and get more information.

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Kaye Bewley, BewleyTherapy (BewleyBooks)

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