Mentoring for Writers

"Accursed scribbler!"

Demosthenes (330 BC)

Everyone has a book in them, so the saying goes - but not everyone has got them out.  Do you want to get your book out into the public eye, into the hands of readers, but for some strange, unfathomable reason, you find it hard to?  

There are lots of people who have written books (notes, thoughts, feelings - scribbled on note pads, kept in wire bound folders, bunched together in a rubber band, letters to a loved one), but not everyone has the courage or feel they have the ability to put it out for others to read.

Fear no longer. 



Connect via Skype and hold an online coaching session. Or we can meet in person local to you.

First submit a draft of your new work, together with a written proposal.  If your work suits the BewleyBooks platform, you will then be sent a writing critique and valuable feedback of your work as well as practical advice on where to go from there.

What follows is a series of coaching sessions designed to assist you get what you want accomplished.


A big part of being unable to complete a long-held dream is something called the emotional needs - usually, you find you have the skills and experiences but you're using them in a manner that is detrimental to achieving the result you want. Each session provides:

  • constructive education - feedback on your writing style and presentation

  • guidance in communication - an explanation of how it can alter your reactions and responses

  • approach to situations - exploration on how different situations affect your outcome

  • defining your targets - understanding the nature of goals and targets specific to what you want

  • negotiation skills - how to get your family and friends rooting for you

  • commiting to the task - laying out a set of guidelines to make a difference

  • finding exhileration, not fear, in new adventures - helping you to change your attitude and perspective

  • a plan of action, what you need to do and when

For each session you choose a topic you would like or need to focus on, then the following methods will be used to help you reach a conclusion with the issue at hand.


The initial introductory session 

This half hour session is free.  Here we introduce each other and get to fill out the necessary paperwork. 

The sessions

There is a one-off booking fee which includes either

  • 1 x one an a half hour private/individual session - as many times as you wish (121/F2F) 

  • 1 x one hour private/individual online session - as many times as you wish (121/online)

Other options

You are free to book either counselling, mentoring or workshops, which ever you prefer.  Counselling and mentoring are conducted as individual sessions, workshops are for groups.

Location of 'Face to Face' sessions 

The location of your session can be either in your own home, or at a mutually agreeable location in the UK.

The payment

This must be made via the PayPal links provided (via BewleyBooksPlus) prior to your sessions beginning.  You can book by clicking on the 'Online Booking' button at the foot of this page which will take you through to BewleyBooksPlus Online Booking.


You can be assured that your session is completely confidential.  However, notes are made throughout each session and if you would like a copy of them, these will be available for you.  Each session can last up to 2 hours and will be recorded for personal safety purposes only.