Mentoring for Careers

"The place of true healing is a fierce place.  It's a giant place.  It's a place of monstrous beauty and endless dark and glimmering light"

Cheryl Strayed

Do you have the career you want or a business idea you want to get off the ground?  Do you know what it feels like to walk to work with a spring in your step?  If you think you're on the wrong track to career progression, you might be asking yourself "What am I doing with my life?" 

You've heard the phrase, "Live every day as though it is your last!"

But what if you've gotten to a 'milestone' age (30, 40, 50, 60 etc) and feel as though you've wasted it?

Are you going through some mega challenges, or mini hurdles or feel as though your feet have been put to the fire - and don't know what the heck to do about it? 

All is not lost.  I have some wonderfully refreshing techniques that will get you to identify what you ache for, and how to get your mind in gear to get that developed and achieved.


For over twenty years I have been working with a huge variety of people of all ages, cultures and religious outlooks.  Different people need a different approaches to get them to fulfill their destiny - and business people are a totally different breed altogether.  

If you need help tackling the issues you face or goals you want to reach, I aim to help you learn new ways to fulfill your ambitions. I use verified methods to mentor you in a way that uses both your mind and emotions.

Use my service to help you get the targets you want to hit. You can connect with us via Skype or Zoom (see links in the social bar below) and together, we can hold an online or offline mentoring session.

The initial introductory session 

This half hour session is free.  Here we introduce each other and get to complete the necessary paperwork. 

The mentoring sessions

There is a one-off booking fee which includes either

  • 1 x one hour private/individual online session - as many times as you wish (121/online)

  • 5 x one hour private/individual online sessions - book as a group and get a discount

  • 5 x one and a half hour private/individual Face to Face sessions - where we meet either at your home or at a mutually agreeable location

Other options

You are free to book either counselling, mentoring or workshops, which ever you prefer.  Counselling and mentoring are conducted as individual sessions, workshops are for groups.

Location of 'Face to Face' sessions 

The location of your therapy session can be either in your own home, or at a mutually agreeable location or on your business premises.

The payment

This must be made via the PayPal links provided (via BewleyBooksPlus) prior to your sessions beginning.  You can book by clicking on the 'Online Booking' button at the foot of this page which will take you through to BewleyBooksPlus Online Booking.


You can be assured that your session is completely confidential.  However, notes are made throughout each session and if you would like a copy of them, these will be available for you.  Each session will be recorded for personal safety and training purposes only.