"Sometimes I stay inside, because it feels to 'peopley' out there"


Are you living the dream?  If you don't want the dream, are you at least living a lifestyle that you want?  

At times, life can prove to be a challenge.  But as my dad always used to say "It's not the challenge, but the way you handle the challenge that makes you the man you are".  That takes courage, it takes commitment, it takes a person who cares about, not only their own life, but the people around them too.  When you are happy, content, or satisfied wth your life, others become that way too.

Knowing how to identify when life's challenges are telling you what not to do, can  be tricky - but once you know the tricks of the trade, you'll begin to conquer your fears and have the courage to reach for your goals, dreams and desires.


We're all dreamers, until we put our thoughts into action.  You can yearn for a lifestyle you want - or you can focus on getting it - that's the goal of these sessions.  You can book me for a group coaching session in a location near to you.  This could be held in a cafe, bookshop, farm, workshop, on company premises in a community centre, library, large store conference room, or a venue that is mutually agreeable.  

Online course

Weekly training over a 12 month period


30 minute 

1 hour 

2 hours 


1 day 

2 days

3 days


2 hours - 7pm til 9pm

4 hours - 6pm til 10pm


Start at 10am

End at 6pm

In the 2 hour presentations and day long workshops, there are 2 x 15 minute breaks. 

In the workshops, there is a 45 minute break for lunch.

Tea, coffee and water will be provided, but you need to bring your own nibbles.

Each presentation or workshop is based on emotional needs using the resources, skills and experiences you have to achieve the result you want.  You choose a topic you wish to focus on and each group session will be presented in a constructive educational format, with foundational information that explains first:

  • how the brain and emotions are linked

  • what you are doing to stop yourself achieving your aims

  • how sleep and diet play important roles in releasing yourself from stress

  • how to control anxiety

  • the importance of your willingness to change


For each workshop, you and your group choose the topic you would like to focus on. This topic is then used to create a workshop using the following approaches:

  • The Human Givens method through guided imagery and rewind

  • Cognitive Behavioural Techniques - setting goals and understanding in action

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques - tapping energy points (similar to accupuncture but without the needles) while sending subliminal messages to your subconscious mind


There is a one-off booking fee. This payment must be made prior to your coaching beginning. This payment is divided between the participants. For example, if you have 25 people attending, each will pay £32 for each day's workshop.

  • You can be assured that your coaching session is completely confidential.

  • You make your own notes throughout the session with the guidance tools that are given to you.

  • You will be provided with pads and pens to record your notes

  • Relevant teaching materials and slides will be provided where needed

  • Each session will be recorded for personal safety and promotional purposes only.

  • Please book at least 28 days in advance of your group coaching session.