The Human Givens

As was said on the Approach page, there a huge variety of counselling methods available on the market today.  The Human Givens 

This Is A Very Powerful System

“After 15 years of trying to find Mr Right, I bought Kaye's book 'Slippery Frog or Faithful Dog' about a year ago - and now I have a boyfriend who proposed to me at the Trevi Fountain!" 

Lisa, Aquisitions PA at BBC


You'll use this approach without any pressure from us or from your own consciousness.  You won't have to convince anyone of anything, you won't even have to talk to anyone about what you want to do, what you want to achieve or what you want to change... unless of course you want to.


That's because of the way the approach works.


It's all designed around helping you make informed choices; helping your mind understand that you need this, or life will just go on the same as it has since you began to notice you needed to change something, anything.

Once you have submitted your quick application, you can access to the Step-by-Step course approach.  This will be given to you in weekly lessons over a 12 months period. 

In the course, you'll get free access to published books by Kaye Bewley, videos, podcasts, course books and workbooks.

As soon as you place your order, you'll get directed to a page that tells you more about the course and you'll get an email that gives you a login link to access your first session's materials. 

You'll be sent a questionnaire which will only take a couple of minutes to complete. This is really more of an introduction to who you are and what you're seeking. Fill out as much as you feel comfortable with - go with your gut. Then email it to us.  After we receive and analyse it, you'll be able to instantly go through a series of short trainings and resources we've prepared for you.

After that we can speak on the phone (optional) and arrange a Skyp session (again, optional), to see if this is something you would like to learn more. Does that make sense?


Oh, and in case you're wondering...


Of course, this is not very expensive for what it is.  So, you might wonder what the "catch" is... The answer is, there really is no catch other than we hope to win your trust and business in the future.

As we said earlier in this letter. We don't want you to judge us on anything other than your own experience and results. This is our way of helping you to make an informed decision to whether we may or may not be a good fit for you and your own personal goals.


In most cases, we take a loss when offering all this help and support at this price.

It costs us a lot of time, money and resources to provide not just the training but also hands-on support with our experienced team.

So why would we do that?


It's simple. We believe you'll be very impressed with what we're giving you today, and you'll want to do more business with us at some point in the future. Whether that be immediately after reviewing the information, or after you have had time to put into practice what you learn.


We are betting that you'll enjoy this experience so much, you'll get on the phone with us and ask about the options of additional support, live events and online trainings.


Pretty straightforward.

Anyways, with all of that said, this is a limited offer.

Change Your Life Now!

You'll get access to the study guide.  It will take you through the steps to change your life for the better.

Here's some of what you'll learn:


How to effectively begin your life again


How to release regret and never have to feel guilt again


How to reframe situations and attitudes so you view them differently


How to effortlessly generate ideas to create a better lifestyle - and take action


How to lift any kind of low mood, instantly, without fearing the consequences


We 100% Guarantee you'll love this training - that's why we don't offer a money-back guarantee. We know that when someone makes a commitment to pay, upfront, for what they get, they are committed to the process.  Also, doing it this way helps to change your life for the better - it keeps you focussed.  You may not notice the benefits straight away, but you will notice when friends begin to comment, they'll say: 'You're different somehow'.  

You don't have to explain anything to us and you certainly don't have to buy from us if you don't want to.


It's your choice: 

Change your life, or stay the same.


Incredible Value

Step-by-Step instructions given to you through

regular weekly emails with links to:

Videos, Podcasts, Course Books & Workbooks



You'll know that regular counselling or coaching sessions can be around £50 a week - whereas this course is less than £10 a week!

What's more, you can stop it at any time you like.