BewleyTherapy is a counselling and mentoring service I provide as a certified psychotherapist.  I've worked in the therapy field for nearly two decades, but have only recently set-up my own counselling practice:  BewleyTherapy.  With it, I specialise in mentoring you to a life you know you want.

Though based in the beautiful rolling hills of Malverns, in Worcestershire, a whole 9 miles of rugged hillside (which I have walked a couple of times, ok, once), I travel all over the UK to help folk get their lives to where they want to be.

As a straight-talking, no-nonsense woman, through my concierge services via BewleyBooks, I work for you to get the best out of life.  I do it all with a kind of nudge that pushes you onwards and upwards to a place you know in your heart, you can achieve.

My experience comes from dealing with a huge range of issues - drunken squaddies, addicted homeless guys, broken and bruised couples to name but a few, but I've also helped those suffering with such a deep sorrow they've lost their way through life. 

Combining creativity and logic (two-sides of that brilliant brain in your head) has been my approach throughout and it’s how I will engage with you while offering insightful advice and using proven tools and techniques to help you through the rotten rough patches you've endured.

Over the years, I have realised that counselling is a way of helping someone mend their broken life - not to spiral them down into the toilet by exposing their raw emotional pain.  What's most important is that I have found a way to do this with humour and grit - that has people looking at their life through a new lens very quickly.

People have described me as a motivational mentor - the one who will entice you onto a path you never thought you could walk.  Whether you need light-hearted encouragement or an inspirational kick up the back-side, I will give you just what you need to get you out of the doldrums.​

All of the content I have included in these counselling and mentoring packages are suitable for brow-beaten and broke single people living on a street named Despair (donation service), or a multi-million pound business who wants their path paved with that shiny element of gold.

Come sit on my couch, I'm sure to turn your lemons into more than lemonade. 


With nearly over 15 years of psychological experience, BewleyTherapy aims to help you with your mental and emotional health.


We are pleased to be able to share insights and answer questions about your mental and emotional health issues.  Fill in the form on the Contact page.


To give you complete confidence in our service, we've put in place a nuber of measures throughout your time with us.  











There was a time when I had a brilliant, bounding companion who was my 'fur-baby'.  We went to Germany together expecting life to be brilliant - and all was, until Buddy ate a stupid sausage off the floor in a park.  Then started his journey through pain.

Even though Buddy has now (three years after this episode) taken a walk through to those Pearly Gates, here is his story.  


WARNING: You might find it unbearable at times, but both Buddy and I saw it through and, just to let you know there was a light at the end of the tunnel, there is a happy ending.