Kaye Bewley of BewleyTherapy is a certified and registered to a private clinical practice, knows that confidentiality regarding your issues is important to you.  

For the last decade, Kaye has worked within the military environment helping young soldiers and veterans.  Today, her purpose is to assist as many people back to mental and emotional health as she is able to.

As a not-for-profit organisation, with no shareholders, any funds coming into BewleyTherapy invests all the income back into the company.  This enables us to:


  • pioneer improvements to the service offered

  • travel the UK offering 1-2-1 individual therapy at low cost

  • offer FREE therapy to those who are unable to afford it

For a copy of our Confidentiality Agreement, go to our Contacts page and make a request.

As soon as you book an appointment with BewleyTherapy, you will be sent (via post or email) the necessary forms for you to read, assess and either accept or reject.  This is your therapy session and BewleyTherapy gives its clients autonomy, or control, of their own decisions and choices at all times.  We will not enforce anything upon you that you feel uncomfortable with.