Buddy's Path

Hello animal lover,

Let me warn you that some parts of these videos may be disturbing for you.  Take heart though, as it has a happy ending and I felt I had to film him through it, just to make sure that everyone knew what happened along Buddy's journey from Pain to Peace.

At the time of his illnes, Buddy was 13 years old.  Born in the year 2000, he had been with me since the age of 1 when my then partner at the time and I retrieved him from Dundee's Brown's Dog Home.  He looked pathetic, skinny, scared and shivering.  Added to which, the lady advised us not to have him as he wasn't house trained and he was ill.  

As I stood there looking at another dog, with my back to Buddy, I felt this paw on the back of my leg.  I looked down and saw his big eyes.  I said to Gary, "I don't care what you say, we're taking him home with us."  

Contrary to what the lady said, he wasn't ill and it didn't take long for him to get the gist of house-rules.  He became an obedient, happy dog within a matter of weeks.  He had just been scared, is all.

In 2013, I took him to Germany and he fell ill.  The year before, I had lost my dad, although I was resigned to (on the advice of three vets) I was about to lose my best pal too.  But then, the cleaner at work suggested I take him to another vets.  A man who tamed tigers for television, Joe Bodemann.  The results speak for themselves. 


BewleyTherapy understands that vets have their place in life and that, like our consultatino with doctors, we have choices.  We are able to accept or reject the meds they offer us and our pets or we can reject them and choose an alternative route.  Not everyone agrees with nutrition as medicine, and it won't work for everyone.  But, because so many vets had given him the death sentence, I felt there was nothing to lose by following one more vet's advice.  It turned out to be the right advice which gave several more years for me to share with Buddy. 

Watch the videos and you can make up your own mind.

Buddy's Bubble

August 2013 - Buddy fell ill.
I took him to three vets.  All told me to 'put him down'.  

Buddy's Path Through Pain

August & September 2013 - Buddy visited another vet.  Joe Bodemann in Germany.  He gave us hope and a new regimen to follow.

Buddy's Path To Peace

September & October 2013 - Buddy pushed through his pain, as we changed his regimen and kept to the 'doctors orders'.  

Buddy's Path To Play

October & November 2013 - Slowly, slowly, Buddy was getting better.  I was tired, he was tired, but somehow we were both making it through.
His walks got longer and he became more interested in his surroundings.
Put loads of rugs, towels on the floor as he was apt to a bit of fluid poopies and I didn't want him to ruin the carpet...

Buddy's Path To Shine On

November & December 2013 - Buddy was a miracle.