My gran always used to say


"When life hands you lemons, turn them into lemonade!"

And boy, does life throw a lot of lemons at people... Because of this, and my willingness to teach people how to make lemonade (it's a metaphor), I set-out to set-up BewleyTherapy as a free information service - helping men and women heal their mind, emotions, body and spirit. 

Soon, the service I provide will be established in a beautiful location under a new name.  There, I will begin to plant roots and assist the community at large.

Just before the historically unprecedented 'lockdown' period, in March 2020, I lost my 'proper' job where I had worked (and lived) for over a decade.  Not to be too peeved about that, I set about putting my knowledge and skills to use (for free) by helping men and women walk confidently through the fear.

The skills and knowledge gained during the past decade  certainly came in handy.  What did I do?  Well, eased a huge range of emotional issues experienced by couples on the verge of break-up, drunken squaddies suffering PTSD, and addicted homeless guys - as well as those suffering with suicidal thoughts.

Over the years, it has become clear to me that counselling is a way of helping someone mend their broken life - quickly.  It is not meant to spiral them down into the toilet by exposing their raw emotional pain during years and years of expensive therapy.  I've also found that if this can be done with humour and grit, without all the big confusing words, it goes a long way to helping people look at their life through a new lens very quickly.​ 


Combining creativity and logic has always been my approach throughout and that's how I will engage with anyone who walks into my new office.


My counselling couch will be available very soon.  And if you choose to sit there, I'm sure we can take my gran's advice to heart and work at turning your lemons into more than lemonade.


Kaye Bewley