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“After 15 years of trying to find Mr Right, I bought Kaye's book 'Slippery Frog or Faithful Dog' about a year ago - and now I have a boyfriend who proposed to me at the Trevi Fountain!" 

Lisa, Aquisitions PA at BBC


Feeling suicidal?

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BewleyTherapy can help you with the following:


Feeling anxious or nervous about anything, is part of being a human.  Talk with us about it


Sometimes life can seem so pointless and so sad.  We can help you identify and understand this cycle 


Stress is one of the biggest attackers of today's lifestyles.  We can help guide you to deal with it 


Veterans and serving soldiers are welcome to learn some new tactics with any issues relating to PTSD


If you have lost a loved one it can seem like there's nothing left to live for.  We aim to guide you through this time


Lack of sleep can be difficult and draining, we can help you manage different methods to a restful night


Certain times in life we want to avoid painful memories - addictions seem an easier option - they're not


Feeling angry and expressing it all the time is no way to live life.  We can help you deal with it


Communication can seem difficult when the passion has gone.  We help you identify new ways to reconnect with your other half  


Men think they've lost their identity.  Get your mojo back on track with new insights, skills and new ways to control the life you lead


Feminism can seem a minefield and not what you wanted it to be - renew your confidence and reconnect with men in new ways


Confused, hurt, in pain, wondering why you're alone?  We can help you identify what you want from life and rebuild your confidence


At times words fail us and we are unable to stand up in that crucial moment.  We can help you practice getting there


A career goal is one of the most important decisions you'll make in life, we'll help you make use of time by helping you define a career path


Getting book projects done on time requires persistence and patience as well as the skills you've gained - get them and get published


Being organised is one of the chief tasks that we neglect and yet, desperately need - use our guidance to get done what you need