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Workshops for Emotions


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Workshops, Courses and Presentations for Single People

One-day workshops/presentations:

  • Confidence building - for women
  • Confidence building - for men
  • Rocking the Relationship Boat - workshop for women 
  • Breaking Up and Making Up - workshop for newly single men and women
  • The Emotional Roller Coaster - workshop for women
  • The Emotional Merry-Go-Round - workshop for local community
  • Loss of a loving companion - presentation for people who've lost a pet
  • Memories in Mind - presentation for those suffering trauma
  • The Heart of Emotions - workshop for single men and women (18-30 year olds)

Weekend workshops:

  • Confidence building for men and women (18-30 years old)
  • His Needs v Her Needs - workshops for single men and women 
  • The Emotional Merry-Go-Round - presentation to local community
  • Learning to let go - workshop for separated couples
  • Memories of Mine - workshop for older people coping with grief

I am able to adapt a course, workshop or presentation to suit your needs.  To book or invite me to create one for your own organisation - please fill in the form on the Contacts page.  


What you get:

  1. Personalised invitation card to join Kaye Bewley
  2. Either 4, 8 or 16 hours of interactive training
  3. Presentation booklet, which includes slides
  4. Note book and pen/pencil
  5. Exercises, using psychological tools and questionnaires
  6. Relaxation exercise
  7. Refreshment breaks
  8. For day and weekend courses, a light finger buffet lunch with juice, tea and coffee 
Costs cover travel, accommodation (if needed), educational knowledge, educational materials, hire of room, refreshments.



Slippery Frog or Faithful Dog 

 - which do you wanna kiss? 

This is a great little book to help women get the best out of their men - lover, brother, father... whatever.  

Follow the comical line drawings, self-penned by me, for advice on how to get him to respond to you in a way that makes you all happy.

Note: Aspects of this book are included in the Workshops.

Look at my Amazon Author page for other books:


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