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Download, today, a copy of Kaye Bewley's 'Psycho Therapy'

Today, you can download Kaye Bewley's Psycho Therapy book.  The book aims to help you understand what therapy, in general, is available and what you should expect from a counselling session.  In a BewleyTherapy Counselling Session, together, week-by-week we build a picture of your situation and what you need assistance with.  As we complete the picture together you will begin to understand your life, emotions and physical wellness.  Over the sessions you'll get more of an awareness of your own health picture.  Here are the sessions in detail:

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This is a one hour session and you can tell Kaye as much or as little about yourself as you wish.  In this first session, we will gather a general description of your physical weight and height and how you are feeling emotionally.  This aims to help you keep track of how you have been able to improve and/or reach any goals that you may have set yourself.  Once we have completed this session together, Kaye will write up your notes and email you a copy for you to keep for your own records.  The information gathered over the time spent together covers your past, current and planned future situation.  If you should fall ill at any stage, the information we gather overall will assist you (as well as any health officials or family members you'd like to share it with).  In other words, it aims to keep your mind, and your loved ones' minds, assured.

Session 1:

One Hour Information Gathering

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In this session, we'll spend about 45 minutes discussing your overall general emotional cycle, the awareness you have about your own personality and explore any physical ailments you may have that you possibly haven't acknowledged yet.  You'll also have a 20 minute Guided Imagery session which aims to help you relax.  Kaye will email you the answers you have given for you to explore in your own time.

Session 2: 

40 minutes Information Gathering

20 minutes Guided Imagery

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In our follow-up session we'll discuss the next steps.  You will have had the opportunity to explore the details you gave in the previous session and we'll discuss these points and the steps.  From the exploration, you'll be able to figure out how your brain and emotions learn, how you deal with challenges and how you approach people and situations on a daily basis.  You'll also have another 20 minute Guided Imagery session to help you relax.

Session 3: 

40 minutes Information Gathering

20 minutes Guided Imagery

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In this session, will take about 45 minutes to go through your emotional needs, wants and desires.  We can be filled with emotioinal turmoils, aches and pains that we don't understand, this session will explore ways through those issues you face.  You will have a 20 minute EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) session.  This is designed to help you look at your issues in another way and to help you relax.

Session 4: 

40 minutes Information Gathering

20 minutes EFT

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In this session, we'll discuss your home environment, how you feel you are interacting with your family, friends or work colleagues.  We'll also explore how your body, mind and emotions seem to be responding to the different situations around your home, work and private life.  We'll go through some questions which are designed to help you become more astute at recognising what hinders and what helps.  You will have another 20 minute Guided Imagery session.

Session 5: 

40 minutes Information Gathering

20 minutes Guided Imagery

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In this session, we'll go through a decade-by-decade personal health history.  Anything you can think of that has been working in your life and everything that hasn't.  You can provide as much or as little detail as you wish.  The more information you give, the more you will be able to learn from your own life choices. You will have another Guided Imagery or EFT session - your choice - this time 25 minutes, which is designed to help you relax and give you back greater control over your future health.

Session 6: 

35 minutes Information Gathering

25 minutes Guided Imagery or EFT 

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In this session, we will take about 40 minutes to explore knowledge of your family's health history.  Lots of people are unaware of how much DNA influences how we grow into our own bodies, emotions and mental health.  For this section, you'll be encouraged to get together with your parents, children and/or grandchildren to create a general outline, so you can see where your combined health picture fits into your own life.  You will be given another 20 minute Guided Imagery or EFT (your choice) session.

Session 7: 

40 minutes Information Gathering

20 minutes Guided Imagery or EFT

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Here, we will take 40 minutes to discuss and record your dietary knowledge.  We'll take the opportunity to become more aware of the fluids and foods you have consumed during the previous week, month and overall.  Kaye can refer you to a natural nutritionist, if you wish, and point you to some brilliant books and videos that should help you in your nutritional goals.  You will be given another 20 minute Guided Imagery session.

Session 8: 

40 minutes Information Gathering

20 minutes Guided Imagery

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Together we will explore some realistic goals for you to meet.  This might make you feel anxious, however, to help you relax and see these goals in a different light, you will be taken through a Guided Imagery session that will last about 40 minutes. 

Session 9: 

20 minutes Goal Setting

40 minutes Guided Imagery

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In this final session, we will explore your hopes and dreams for the future, discuss the kind of life that you would love to be living and have a 40 minute Guided Imagery or EFT (your choice) session.

Session 10: 

20 minutes Information Gathering

40 minutes Guided Imagery or EFT

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Throughout you will be given some wonderfully interesting extras.  These include:

  • Video and podcast links 
  • Emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellness news 
  • Advice from the experts on psychology, nutrition, energy medicine and aromatherapy
  • Completed reports for you to keep and discuss at your next session
  • As well as fantastic discounts on all our own products

Book your counselling session with Kaye Bewley M.A.   

The combined value of these counselling sessions and extras, if paid separately, are 

worth up to... 



You can have each counselling session for a simple 


All that's left for you now is to book your counselling session and 

download Kaye's book 'Psycho Therapy' today

Each week you'll be sent an email, with copies of your reports, 

together with a reminder for your next therapy session.

*Therapy sessions can range between £50 and £75 at the least expensive end to £150 and £1,500 at the higher end.  For a BewleyTherapy counselling session, you are welcome to donate however much your financial resources will enable you to.  For a guideline, the minimum recommended donation is £25 per session.  To feel any lasting changes, a minimum of at least three sessions is advisable.


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