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All of us are 'networkers'.  We talk to people everyday about something that we enjoyed, something that we did and something that we read.  By simply saying to someone you know "Hey, I watched that new film Cameron Diaz last night.  She was great!  You'll have to go see it."  When they do, you've done your 'word-of-mouth' recommendation - i.e. your networking bit.  

     However, a lot of 'network' marketing is left entirely up to you.  Sign-up with a company that promotes a particular product and more-or-less, you're left to your own devices.  If you join Kaye's team at BewleyTherapy, you will get all the help possible to make your own business a success.  Even if you have your own product or service to sell, you might need a little help to get those items moving into someone else's hands.  So, on this page, you'll find a list of books Kaye personally recommends.  Each of them aims to help you achieve whatever goal you're aiming at.  If the book interests you, click on it and you'll be taken through to Amazon, where you can find out more about it.  If you need any help, just pop an email in our in-box - by filling out the form on the contacts page.

     Over to you!  

Take a look at the packages we recommend.  All are inexpensive and a delight to follow.





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