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In the calm and friendly atmosphere of the BewleyTherapy, Kaye Bewley (M.A.) provides an outstanding level of care and experience.

At BewleyTheapy we firmly stand by our maxim "The client comes first".  The highest quality therapy treatments and nutritional supplements have been tested for long-term results.  All our supplements are FDA approved and scientifically tested (USA Food & Drug Administration).

BewleyTherapy treatments are recognised for their excellent and quick results: therapy for peace of mind, nutritional supplements for younger skin and balanced emotions.  We use products and provide services that help you become more youthful and create a healthy state of balance for your emotions.

BewleyTherapy is also a service that combines many therapeutic theories to get the best results for you personally.  We create a bespoke service and a personal experience to matche your requirements. 

Our clients are not patients, they are customers and each and every one of them has testified to this approach we have taken. New customers come to us through the recommendations of previous clients.  We welcome you to BewleyTherapy.



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