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BewleyTherapy helps by...

  • Meeting you on Skype for a free informal chat
  • Helps you find out what emotions are dominating your life
  • Figure out ways to use those emotions to your advantage
  • Learn ways to calm your mind
  • Understand the connection between body, mind and soul
  • Agrees strategies for the changes you want to make
  • Rehearses those changes with you through proven therapeutic methods


Before I qualified as a psychotherapist, I worked in media, marketing and publishing. A savvy friend asked me a series of questions and my answers identified I had a talent for logic and listening.  She saw how people were naturally drawn to talk to me about their problems, about the issues they faced and, when they asked me for advice, they actually took it on board.  

     But I couldn't see how to put that into action without wasting all that I had achieved to date.  Thankfully, she advised me to make a list of all the things I loved about life and make a decision from that.  When I compiled the list, she showed me how all the experiences and skills I had amassed could be combined - writing, marketing, listening and advising - by becoming a psychotherapist/counsellor.

     That's when I went back to college to educate myself.  Not one for making life easy for myself, I went at it full-hog at a University course in the north of England while working in Germany.  Which meant I had to fly back every month to take classes!  

     At the end of it, it was worth it.  I earned an MA in psychotherapy and wrote a few books along the way.  


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Kaye Bewley M.A.

Author, Publisher, Presenter and Freelance Writer



Masters degree in Psychotherapy

Numerous CPD courses


Psychotherapeutic counselling

Presentations, talks and workshops

Author of several publications

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